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Although his lectures were presented in English rather than in Latin, following the precedent of Hutcheson, the level of sophistication for so young an audience strikes one today as extraordinarily demanding. Afternoons were occupied with university affairs in which Smith played an active role, being elected dean of faculty in ; his evenings were spent in the stimulating company of Glasgow society.

Among his wide circle of acquaintances were not only members of the aristocracy , many connected with the government, but also a range of intellectual and scientific figures that included Joseph Black , a pioneer in the field of chemistry; James Watt , later of steam-engine fame; Robert Foulis , a distinguished printer and publisher and subsequent founder of the first British Academy of Design; and, not least, the philosopher David Hume , a lifelong friend whom Smith had met in Edinburgh.

Smith was also introduced during these years to the company of the great merchants who were carrying on the colonial trade that had opened to Scotland following its union with England in From Cochrane and his fellow merchants Smith undoubtedly acquired the detailed information concerning trade and business that was to give such a sense of the real world to The Wealth of Nations.

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Thank you for your feedback. Written By: Robert L. Top Questions. Start your free trial today for unlimited access to Britannica. Here are a few scattered bits:. Brodsky, after all, was the friend she dreamed of…the teacher she hoped to find in Philip Rieff; the companion she had sought all her life, an intellectual and artistic equal, and even a superior. She never found another friend as congenial, and it was in these terms that she mourned his premature death, at fifty-five. Some job categories that Mr.

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Blinder identified as vulnerable [to offshoring], like data-entry workers, have seen a decline in United States employment. But the ranks of others, like actuaries, have continued to grow. Over all, of the 26 occupations that Mr. Ozimek had data, 15 have added jobs over the past decade and 11 have cut them. Altogether, those occupations have eliminated fewer than , jobs over 10 years, hardly the millions that many feared.

A second tier of jobs — which Mr. But Mr. Ozimek, who is chief economist at Upwork, an online platform for hiring freelancers. The new study found that in the jobs that Mr.

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Blinder identified as easily offshored, a growing share of workers were now working from home. In other words, technology like cloud computing and videoconferencing has enabled these jobs to be done remotely, just not quite as remotely as Mr. Blinder and many others assumed. Income-sharing agreements are making progress. Arranged marriages with no consent. MIE: Mattel launches gender-neutral dolls.


Mary Halvorson , Macarthur winner and jazz guitarist. That is from Kathrin Hille at the FT. Observing India tends to make people more libertarian.

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At least parts of the private sector are quite vibrant, and the heavy hand of government can be seen in many places. Observing Pakistan tends to make people more statist. The private sector has fewer well-known successes.

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  4. The central authority appears too weak, and problems with insufficient tax revenue are extreme, even for a developing economy. As for federal income tax, there are only about 1. The very pleasant Islamabad aside, urban public goods seem underprovided, even relative to Indian cities.

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    It is an interesting question which countries at least seem to provide evidence for which sets of political views. In the case of Asia, wartime episodes aside, it does seem that so many Asian cities are remarkably safe, especially for men but often for women too. While Karachi is relatively safe now, before it had at least two decades of fairly extreme violence. And what are some special features of Karachi history, relative to many other Old World and Asian cities?

    The city was hit by a major wave of arms trafficking, run by thugs and mafias, often related to the wars in Afghanistan.

    This is only one data point, but it supports hypotheses that higher levels of New World violence stem from relatively recent population shifts, drug trafficking, and arms trafficking. When Old World cities have that blend, they too become quite violent. Is there too much surveillance in public housing? Very good post on what we have learned from Snowden. The ecologist who wants to map everything. How the French wealth tax worked. The Democrats, of course, are supposed to be the party opposed to income inequality. So what has gone wrong here? Why should these elites be trusted?

    If any institution should be able to buck social trends, it is Harvard. Here is the rest of my Bloomberg column , some parts in full mood affiliation mode. The same monsoon season, by the way, led to power blackouts of up to 60 hours. On a livability index, Karachi ranks near the bottom , just ahead of Damascus, Lagos, Dhaka and Tripoli.