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I thought too similar. Pendergast didn't really pull anything new out of his hat this time and it was very predictable, which I did not feel his other novels were. That being said, if you enjoyed the rest of the series, you should still enjoy this one too, maybe just not as much as some of the others.

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Maryanne M. Excellent story in the Pendergast series with the final Diogenese tale. Carol N. This is by far the best effort of these two authors. The story line flows and leaves you waiting for the next book in this series. Highly recommended!

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Lynne B. Enjoyable, suspenseful fast-paced roll to the finish of the Diogenes trilogy after Brimstone and Dance of Death!

Just when everything looks its bleakest for Pendergast and friends at the beginning of the book, the story moves on with a daring and impossible prison break, career-ending risks taken, a wonderfully devious and inventive criminal mastermind, Constance's secret past explained, and old romances rekindled with several "oh no, he didn't" moments and lots of twists and turns! Really delightful! Constance Green Major Character. Apparently Book of the Dead and it's two previous "chapters" involve many of the same characters I first became acquainted with in Relic.

I am surprised that I genuinely like these novels. For the most part they mysteries in the Sherlock Holmes style, something that generally bores more. Even though I now realize that I missed two books in this series and I will probably go back and read them, I don't feel like I was left out of the loop. The writing in this book is very well done. The authors have filled in people like me on the storyline while not boring those who probably read the others books.

This is not done that way. So while I was little confused at first, by the end of the story I knew all that was important without the story getting bogged down. The storyline itself is fascinating. It's like a modern day Set and Osiris, except this isn't dismembered and brought back by his wife. Or I guess you could argue that Pendergast's time in prison is a death and he is reborn when he is free.

He's certainly not the same person he when he emerges. All around the struggle between brothers is the subplot so we think at first of the re-opening of an old exhibit at the Museum of Natural History: The tomb of Senef. This tomb is supposedly cursed and people begin dying in very strange ways What will happen?

If you're interested in listening to an audiobook, like I did, I highly recommend this one.

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The narrator, Rene Auberjonois, reminded me of being read to as a child. He did different voices for the characters without getting hokey. The constant tension in the story was heightened by his reading style.

The Book of the Dead Agent Pendergast series

There were times when I had extra time between classes and stayed in my car instead of going into the school early just so I could hear the next two minutes of story. It was simply that good. LibraryThing member Rumpeltje. The third and last book of the Diogenes Trilogy, or is it? I can understand why some people didn't like the book, especially those that haven't read the other books in the trilogy or at least the second one.

The books starts slow and it assumes you know what happens previously. The many secondary characters aren't properly introduced introduced in this novel and what has happened in the two previous books is quickly refered to when needed. The first part deals with Pendergast breaking out of prison. Although slow, I liked this because it was different than other prison break stories since the group uses brains instead of force to get things done.

When the story picks up a bit of pace it's still a lot slower than the other books in the series. The Egyptian storyline is interesting and, in the end, interweaved with the main storyline. From all the books in the series up to now I found this one to have the most unbelievable storyline, considering what has happened before that says something! It isn't as much as what happens, no deformed monsters, but the amount of things that happen during a short time span. The only two characters who go through some development are agent Pendergast and his ward Constance Greene.

The first has to delve into his past to understand what fuels his brother's anger and the latter is forced to move out of the past she has been living in and start to live in the present and think about her future. Why show us these glimpses if nothing is done with it? Despite it's sloweness and amount of happenings I still like the book, but the ending was a big disappointment. Everything that has happened in the last two books hinted at a big, climactic ending. An epic battle between Pendergast and his brother Diogenes.

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Unfortunately this isn't so Diogenes fights with Constance at the top of a volcano, whilst Pendergast tries desperately to reach them and when he finally arrives Diogenes has fallen into the volcano, presumably, to his death. But since both Pendergast and the reader do not witness and Constance is biased towards Diogenes since he made her pregnant I have a sneaky suspicion that Diogenes could make his return in the future. Of all the Pendergast books, both in the trilogy and the whole series, this is certainly the weakest.

For me it wasn't as much the story itself but the ending which I found disappointing. LibraryThing member Snukes. Fun, easy read. Not brilliant literature, but brain candy. I didn't realize this was part of a set, but apparently you don't need to read the other novels to know what's going on. I felt a little lost in places, which I probably wouldn't have if I'd read the other books still not even sure what they are but it eventually cleared itself up fine.

LibraryThing member israfel I'm unable to offer any real critical perspective due to the fact that I'm so wholistically enamored with the entire series. I did find the growing comparisons between Pendergast and Holmes entertaining and I'm waiting anxiously to find out what happens with the "baby". LibraryThing member megaden. Not until later did I realize that it was the seventh book of a series!

It was written well enough that I was able to know what was going on, even after missing the other books. I then had to go and read the Pendergast series from the beginning, but this is still my favorite. LibraryThing member Garridon. A little disappointing. While the museum story is interesting, it overshadows Pendergast's storyline that left us hanging at the end of the last book.

LibraryThing member localpeanut. And it only gets better and better after that. Its just non-stop thrills. The Museum has been in the publicity pits lately. Anyway, there's several subplots going on. But the main one happens in the museum itself.

The Book of the Dead (Special Agent Pendergast Series #7)

There's a huge donation but it has attached a condition to the use of the money. They have to re-open an Egyptian tomb exhibit that was bricked up in the thirties. There were tantalizing hints but it wasn't pursued. Maybe that's another book. I actually found this to be the best part of the book so I didn't mind that he didn't get out of Herkmoor Penetentiary till page or thereabouts.

The Book of the Dead Pendergast Series 7 and millions of other books are available. The thrillers of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child "stand head and shoulders. I can't explain why Diogenes and Constance don't interest me.

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Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. I can imagine them structuring this book, three stories overlapping and. The Book Of Dead Pendergast.