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Our sixth sense, or intuition, is the one we tend to discount and ignore as idle thought or mind chatter. But talking to the "dead" is part of everyone's tool box, and with this powerful course, now you can open it up. Your perspective of life, relationships, and challenges will forever change. You will start to feel the energy of the unconditional love and oneness that connects us all. The validations that you will give and receive are the very tip of the iceberg for the unconditional love that is always around us.

By opening your heart and trusting in the highest and best, you'll be able to give and receive validations from loved ones who have crossed over. I can't even begin to explain how much you've helped me connect. I've experienced things that I never thought I would be able to experience. And that is because you showed me it was OK to just let go and stop 'writing off' experiences that I was already having. I've communicated with loved ones. I've communicated with those that maybe didn't have anyone willing to communicate with them.

I've had experiences that have changed the way I view everyday life. The ray of light that you are brightens up everyone that you even pass by. I am old-fashioned. I still like the term Psychic. And now I am embarking on doing readings and starting a network of readers. All in part to you and your work I also had a phone reading with you after my daughter passed away. Being able to receive messages from my daughter was one of the most beautiful and comforting experiences I have ever had.

Talking with you and your peeps was like talking to a friend of many years even though we had just met.

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You are amazing. Thank you so much for all you do. When my dog Toby died a little over 3 years ago, I asked if you could tell me something about his passing. You told me he had a peaceful passing and that an older woman was there to take care of him--it was my mother.

He told me not to cry, but if I do he would lick my tears away. I came away with your message that he was okay and that he went peacefully. After talking to you, I felt lighter and able to move forward, not so stuck in my own head. Your gift has been such a blessing to me and I enjoy every conversation! Smith, I always knew I had a gift of getting messages and communication from spirit.

For a long time, I struggled to define these messages from spirit, and I really felt that I was in a state of confusion. I spent many years reading books, watching videos, and talking to others only to feel frustrated on how to manage my ability to clarify messages from spirit. Smith and her group of psychic students. Without any question it felt right to join her group of like-minded and spirit-driven people. This is the point in my life where things completely changed for me while under Lisa's guidance.

Smith, I learned so many things that I could probably write my own book, but the message I would like to give others is this: This course gave me a freedom to speak and clarify messages from spirit. This clarity was good for 'reading' others seeking answers from spirit but also good for me to manage my own life. During this time of training with Lisa, I was able to move from a state of confusion to a state of confidence in that I was able to be comfortable with communicating spirit images and messages.

Smith was truly a positive life-changing event for me. I would rate her training and course a solid 10 out of It should be noted that these percentages are probabilities over the long run. You can win, of course, if you get ahead and quit. Finally, there are some interesting betting schemes that, at best, delay the inevitable.

When you win you have caught up, whereupon you return to your original bet. The problem is that losing streaks will quickly break your personal bank. Since most tables have upper limits to betting, and most of us have upper limits to our bank accounts, this prevents the Martingale from being properly applied.

Skinner showed in his experiments with rats, pigeons, and humans, organisms do not need steady reinforcement to continue pressing a bar, pecking a plate, or pulling a one-armed bandit AKA slot machine.

For Those in Grief, Talking to a Dead Loved One Is Good for Mental Health

Intermittent reinforcement will do just as well, and sometimes even better at eliciting the desired behavior. Payoff comes after 10 pulls, then 3 pulls, then 12 pulls, then 7 pulls, then 23 pulls, and so on. When I was a graduate student in experimental psychology in the mid s I worked in an operant laboratory where we created these variable schedules of reinforcement for our rat, pigeon, and human subjects.

It is remarkable how infrequently the payoffs need to come to keep the subjects motivated. And this was for such basic rewards as sugar water rats , seed pigeons , and money humans. Imagine how much more motivating, and, correspondingly, lower the rate of reinforcement must be, when the reward is the belief that your lost loved ones are not really dead and, as an added bonus, you get to speak with them through a medium. This explains, in part, the success of James Van Praagh, whose hit rate is far below that of even the lowest-paying gambling games in Las Vegas.

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Van Praagh was on an exhaustive book tour in which he had done dozens of readings and missed some obvious cues from his subjects that he normally would have caught. Watching James Van Praagh work a crowd or do a one-on-one reading is an educational experience in human psychology. Make no mistake about it, this is one clever man. Some skeptics may see him, at best, as morally reprehensible, but we should not underestimate his genuine theatrical talents and his understanding, gained through years of experience speaking with real people outside the limitations of the laboratory, of what touches some of the deepest human emotions.

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This is utilizing known principles of psychology that apply to nearly everyone. For example, most grieving women will wear a piece of jewelry that has a connection to their loved one.

Can people really talk to the dead?

Katie Couric on The Today Show , for example, after her husband died, wore his ring on a necklace when she returned to the show. Most people also keep a photograph of their loved one either on them or near their bed, and Van Praagh will take credit for this specific hit that actually applies to most people.

Van Praagh is clever at determining the cause of death by focusing either on the chest or head areas, and then exploring whether it was a slow or sudden end. He works his way down through these possibilities as if he were following a computer flow chart and then fills in the blanks. If the subject hesitates at all, he will quickly shift to heart attack.

The dark side

If it is the head, he goes for stroke or head injury from an automobile accident or fall. Hot Reading. I do not know if Van Praagh does research or uses private detectives to get information on people, but I have discovered from numerous television producers that Van Praagh consciously and deliberately pumps them for information about his subjects ahead of time, then uses that information to deceive the viewing public that he got it from the spirit world. For example, I recall him asking about the profession of the deceased loved one of one of our guests, and I told him he was a fireman.

Was he a policeman or fireman please? For example, some gurus come to believe in their own divinity when enough of their followers tell them they are divine. We skeptics are only too aware of the power of self-deception in areas involving memory. Human behavior is enormously complex, so I suppose it is possible that Van Praagh is both deceiving and self-deceiving, but over the years I have observed much more of the former than the latter. During the Unsolved Mysteries shoot, which lasted 10 hours and was filled with numerous breaks, Van Praagh would routinely make small talk with us, asking lots of questions and obtaining information, which he subsequently used to his advantage when the cameras were rolling.

Is it possible he does not consciously realize that he is doing this?

Talking to the Dead: The Science of Necromancy

I contacted numerous mentalists about Van Praagh and they assured me that it is extremely unlikely he is self-deceiving because these are techniques that they use, and they do so consciously and purposefully. I was told that I was being naive in trying to give Van Praagh the benefit of the doubt.

He knows Van Praagh, and many of the people who work with him in that industry unfortunately he will not speak out for the record , and he assures me that Van Praagh is not self-deceived. The psychic industry consensus, this source tells me, is that James Van Praagh knows exactly what he is doing. Even for seasoned observers it is remarkable how Van Praagh appears to get hits, even though a closer look reveals that he does not. But when we reviewed the videotape, here is what actually happened.