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Email address. Weathering the Storm As the largest private sector employer, retailers are often first on the ground making sure communities are safe and have supplies needed to survive. Learn More. Asset Protection Committees Retailers are transforming, and so is the field of asset protection. View All Committees. May 2 - May 6, Dallas, TX. Go to Event. There were several bullet casings and lead fragments scattered on the floor. Mersereau was lying face down, with pools of blood around his head and body.

Another dog, believed to be a German shepherd-Rottweiler mix, was hiding under covers on the bed in the master bedroom. A third dog was tied to the front porch and another had run off into the woods. Sweeney told Chief Justice Joseph Kennedy and the seven-woman, five-man jury hearing the case that the house appeared to be neat and orderly, with no signs of struggle.

Notorious bikie fronts court

Glenn Bonvie told the court it was immediately obvious that Mersereau and Christensen were dead. There was no doubt that they were deceased. He testifed that he heard several shots at about p. Connors said he heard six shots fired in quick succession, followed by a pause and a couple more shots. Moments later, there were more shots. The jury was shown a video of the two bodies as they were found.

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Crown attorney Peter Craig has told the court that the victims were shot to death in their home in an execution-style killing as part of a Hells Angels-ordered killing. He said evidence presented by as many as 40 Crown witnesses will show that Michael Lawrence and Greenwood murdered the couple on the orders of Jeffrey Lynds, a former Hells Angels operative who died recently in a Montreal jail of an apparent suicide.

Lawrence, who owed Lynds money, pleaded guilty last January to three charges of first-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole for 25 years. Also killed that day, by Lawrence, was Charles Maddison, an innocent man who picked Lawrence up hitchhiking. Lawrence shot him to take his truck to commit a planned robbery. Craig said Lawrence, expected to be a crucial Crown witness, will testify that he and Greenwood shot the couple, one with a. McKenzie said she brought the baby back to her mobile home and called police.

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Greenwood sat quietly during the proceedings, occasionally exchanging comments with his lawyer, Alain Begin. Begin is expected to argue that Greenwood went to the Mersereau house the day of the shootings to buy drugs, and that Lawrence shot the couple while Greenwood was waiting outside. Also charged with first-degree murder in the killings is Curtis Blair Lynds, 36, who is serving time in a federal prison for drug trafficking.

A preliminary inquiry in his case is scheduled to begin July A total of 98 police officers this morning executed 13 search warrants in Coffs Harbour, Toormina, Sawtell and Middle Boambee where large amounts of cash, property believed to be stolen and a large quantity of drugs including methylamphetamine and cocaine was seized. Investigations are continuing and Mr Holahan said there's still the possibility of further arrests. With assistance from Strike Force Raptor which specifically targets Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs, this morning's arrests have sent a clear message to members of OMCG's who believe they can find a safe haven for illegal activities on the Coffs Coast.

If you want to participate in these kinds of activities you do so at your own peril. Michel Smith, a Quebec member of the Hells Angels wanted se in connection to 22 murder cases, has been arrested by authorities in Panama, according to media reports. He faces 29 criminal charges - including 22 murder charges. A Canada-wide warrant issued by the RCMP said he was being sought for murder, gangsterism, drug trafficking and related conspiracy charges.

His Central American connections were known to authorities. Asked for confirmation of the arrest report, Surete du Quebec spokesperson Sgt. Christine Coulombe said: "I have no information on this.

The warrant describes Smith as centimetres tall and weighing 95 kilograms, with brown hair and blue eyes. Quebec fugitive -- and alleged member of the Hells Angels -- who is wanted on murder charges has been arrested in Panama, local media reports say. Michel Smith, 49, who was linked to Quebec's deadly biker war in the s, was reportedly arrested Friday. Smith -- whose nickname is "animal" -- has been on the run since He was taken into custody by local police in the tourist area of Playa Coronado on the Pacific Ocean coast, according to local reports. The reports said he had been under surveillance for about two months before his arrest.

Smith faces 29 charges, including 22 counts of murder.

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Police in Canada had not confirmed the news as late Sunday night. Smith is to be extradited back to Canada, police officials in Panama said in a news release. Smith has long been alleged to be among the top men affiliated with the Hells Angels when it was at war with the Rock Machine biker gang in the s and early s.

The gang war killed more than people. While most of the victims were members of the rival gangs and their affiliates, two prison guards and an year old boy -- a bystander -- also died. An RCMP warrant describes Smith as 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighing pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes.

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Thornton, 32, also of Chicago, at South Main St. As part of his plea, Hunter, a member of the Wheels of Soul outlaw motorcycle gang, admitted Thursday in federal court that he conspired with other members of the gang to dispose of several firearms after the shooting. WOS was in Marion for a meeting at a private motorcycle club.

In the early morning hours of March 6, a fight at the gang's after-hours party spilled onto the sidewalk on South Main Street. When the dust settled, three men were injured with stab and gunshot wounds, and Thornton was dead.

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The federal indictment states that Anthony R. Robinson shot three victims in the back as they fled the party, killing Thornton and seriously injuring another. Hunter reportedly fired a handgun indiscriminately into the crowd while wearing a bulletproof vest. Robinson has been indicted on one count of murder in aid of racketeering activity and one count of attempt to commit murder in aid of racketeering, along with other federal charges for murder and racketeering activities in other states, according to the federal indictment.

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Eighteen members of the WOS were indicted on federal charges June 9, One member allegedly stabbed another person in the head during a fight at a Chicago motorcycle club, then shot another in the stomach. The indictment says gang members are required to carry weapons - mostly guns, but also hammers, knives and other weapons. Ending a four-month-long manhunt, San Jose police arrested -- without incident -- a Hells Angel wanted for the murder of a fellow Angel in the middle of a funeral.

Ruiz, who had been on the run for months, was caught Saturday evening at a motel in Fremont. Jason Dwyer during a Sunday news conference at police headquarters. Pettigrew and Tausan were close friends.

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  • More than 3, members of various motorcycle clubs gathered in October at Oak Hill to pay their respects to Pettigrew. Sources have said a fistfight erupted between Tausan and Ruiz, and during the fight, Ruiz drew a handgun, shot Tausan and fled during the melee that ensued. Tausan was a Hells Angels legend, an ex-boxer who beat a man to death at the Pink Poodle strip club in , only to have a jury acquit him after he claimed self-defense.

    His funeral Advertisement also was held at Oak Hill. For months, San Jose police have been trying to find Ruiz. Dwyer said that Ruiz had been moving around from place to place and was known by authorities to have stayed briefly in the Stockton and Sacramento areas. A fresh tip to detectives indicated that Ruiz was in Fremont, and more than a dozen officers moved quickly Saturday to surround the Days Inn motel at Warm Springs Blvd.

    Ruiz, who was believed to be armed and dangerous, apparently was alone and surrendered to police about p. He spoke to detectives and was booked at the Santa Clara County main jail. The fact that he surrendered peacefully was fortunate. They also said that Ruiz had a lot of help eluding law enforcement in the four months since the funeral. Six people associated with the Rebels outlaw motorcycle gang have been charged over a nightclub brawl in Perth's south. Police say a year-old woman was with her two brothers and other family members in Rockingham on December 17 last year when she was punched in the face.

    Both brothers went to her aid and were punched and kicked by the offender and his friends. The woman suffered a perforated ear drum and bruising to her body. Her year-old brother suffered a fractured rib, punctured lung and a dislocated jaw.