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However the brain drain has seriously affected the number of trained staff of medical units. Discussed and presented is the growth of the medical use of radioisotopes which are locally produced by PAEC. In order to benefit from the full advantage that nuclear medicine can do to a majority of Filipinos, the government should extend its financial support in acquiring such facilities to equip strategic hospitals in the country and support training programs. The Philippine has the expertise to start the expansion but only with adequate provision of funds will our capacity turn into reality.

Geochemistry of mud volcano fluids in the Taiwan accretionary prism. Taiwan is located at the collision boundary between the Philippine Sea Plate and the Asian Continental Plate and is one of the most active orogenic belts in the world. Fluids sampled from 9 sub-aerial mud volcanoes distributed along two major geological structures in southwestern Taiwan, the Chishan fault and the Gutingkeng anticline, were analyzed to evaluate possible sources of water and the degree of fluid-sediment interaction at depth in an accretionary prism.

Overall, the Taiwanese mud volcano fluids are characterized by high Cl contents, up to mM, suggesting a marine origin from actively de-watering sedimentary pore waters along major structures on land. These results demonstrate that active mud volcano de-watering in Taiwan is a direct product of intense sediment accretion and plate collision in the region.

Ruiz Volcano : Preliminary report. Ruiz Volcano , Colombia 4. An explosive eruption on November 13, , melted ice and snow in the summit area, generating lahars that flowed tens of kilometers down flank river valleys, killing more than 20, people. The following briefly summarizes the very preliminary and inevitably conflicting information that had been received by press time. Case Grammar in Philippine Languages. Preliminary Draft. This paper presents evidence from Philippine languages which suggests a number of modifications in the theory of case grammar. Philippine languages and adjacent related languages mark the case relationship between the verb and one noun phrase in the sentence by a particle on the noun phrase and an affix on the verb, a phenomenon which in recent….

Lexicography in the Philippines Spanish missionary lexicography in America and the Philippines is extensive and deserving of detailed research. In the Philippines , from up to , more than fifty vocabularies were published in thirteen different languages. Alongside these are numerous vocabularies preserved only as. These guidebooks aim at facilitating CDM project developments in Asia by providing essential information to both project developers and potential investors. This volume is on The Philippines.

This article introduces a dance that blends the traditional cultural heritage of the Philippines with modern music and moves. It was designed to introduce…. Customs Valuation Reform in the Philippines. This paper documents the adoption of transaction valuation reform in the Philippines and assesses its impact on collection, customs administration cost, and business transaction cost. Philippine customs authorities and critics of the reform have been concerned that giving up the use of published official customs values would lower customs collection.

On the contrary, this research shows the use of transaction values expanded customs revenues. The Economics of Counterinsurgency in the Philippines. Counterinsurgency and Well Being 1.

Econometric modeling complete: Philippine Peace and Development Team Insurgency, counterinsurgency , Philippines , economics , violence , military , rebels. Eruptive viscosity and volcano morphology. Terrestrial central volcanoes formed predominantly from lava flows were classified as shields, stratovolcanoes, and domes. Shield volcanoes tend to be large in areal extent, have convex slopes, and are characterized by their resemblance to inverted hellenic war shields. Stratovolcanoes have concave slopes, whereas domes are smaller and have gentle convex slopes near the vent that increase near the perimeter.

In addition to these differences in morphology, several other variations were observed. The most important is composition: shield volcanoes tend to be basaltic, stratovolcanoes tend to be andesitic, and domes tend to be dacitic. However, important exceptions include Fuji, Pico, Mayon, Izalco, and Fuego which have stratovolcano morphologies but are composed of basaltic lavas. Similarly, Ribkwo is a Kenyan shield volcano composed of trachyte and Suswa and Kilombe are shields composed of phonolite. These exceptions indicate that eruptive conditions, rather than composition, may be the primary factors that determine volcano morphology.

The objective of this study is to determine the relationships, if any, between eruptive conditions viscosity, erupted volume, and effusion rate and effusive volcano morphology. Moreover, it is the goal of this study to incorporate these relationships into a model to predict the eruptive conditions of extraterrestrial Martian volcanoes based on their morphology. Soufriere Hills Volcano. In this ASTER image of Soufriere Hills Volcano on Montserrat in the Caribbean, continued eruptive activity is evident by the extensive smoke and ash plume streaming towards the west-southwest.

Significant eruptive activity began in , forcing the authorities to evacuate more than 7, of the island's original population of 11, The primary risk now is to the northern part of the island and to the airport.


Small rockfalls and pyroclastic flows ash, rock and hot gases are common at this time due to continued growth of the dome at the volcano 's summit. With its 14 spectral bands from the visible to the thermal infrared wavelength region, and its high spatial resolution of 15 to 90 meters about 50 to feet , ASTER images Earth to map and monitor the changing surface of our planet. A joint U. The broad spectral coverage and high spectral resolution of ASTER will provide scientists in numerous disciplines with critical information for surface mapping, and monitoring of dynamic conditions and temporal change.

Example applications are: monitoring glacial advances and retreats; monitoring potentially active volcanoes ; identifying crop stress; determining cloud morphology and physical properties; wetlands evaluation; thermal pollution monitoring; coral reef degradation; surface temperature mapping of soils and geology; and measuring surface heat balance. The Philippine historical earthquakecatalog: its development, current stateand future directions.

This report will trace the development of the historical earthquake catalog of the Philippines , assess its present state and recommend future research directions.

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The current Philippine historical earthquake catalog is culled from various catalogs, both global and local, that were developed since the first Philippine catalog by Perrey was published in While early global catalogs gave simple mention of earthquakes in the Philippines , more focused earthquake catalogs about the Philippines Characteristics of Hawaiian volcanoes.

Jaggar, Jr. Volcanoes , Third Edition. Robert and Barbara Decker have visited these different facets seamlessly in Volcanoes , Third Edition. The seamlessness comes from a broad overarching, interdisciplinary, professional understanding of volcanism combined with an exceptionally smooth translation of scientific jargon into plain language. The result is a book which will be informative to a very broad audience, from reasonably educated nongeologists my mother loves it to geology undergraduates through professional volcanologists.

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I bet that even the most senior professional volcanologists will learn at least a few things from this book and will find at least a few provocative discussions of subjects they know. Located at the boundary between the Philippine Sea Plate and the Asia Continental Plate, abundance of mud volcanoes were erupted on land in Taiwan. According to their occurrences and associated tectonic settings, these mud volcanoes were classified into four groupies.

The group I mud volcanoes are located in the western coastal plane, whereas group II and III are situated near the Kutinkung anticline axis and the Chishan fault respectively. The group IV mud volcanoes are discovered at the Coastal Range. Although there are numerous studies focused on morphology, possible fluid migration paths and sources are poorly understood.

We have collected and analyzed major ions and Sr isotopic ratios in fluids separated from various mud volcanoes in Taiwan. Chemical contents of these fluids were measured by IC and the emitted gasses were analyzed by GC. Waters expelled from group I mud volcanoes featured with low salinity and high Sr isotopic ratios ranged from 0. The latter fluids appear to be more radiogenic 0.

The chemical compositions of mud volcano associated gasses show similar distribution pattern. The major gas constituents in mud volcano zones. The average intercensal growth rate of 2. The growth rate was 2. The median age was The crude birth rate declined from The average age of Filipino women at marriage increased from The infant mortality rate was expected to decline from As of , the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration had processed , employment contracts, of which The Philippine Family Planning program aims to reduce population growth from an estimated 2.

As a result of the review of the Philippine Population Programme, the focus is now on longterm planning to ensure more significant and perceptible demographic impact of development programs and policies. The Population Education Program aims to inculcate values supporting family planning in the areas of family size and welfare, responsible parenthood, and delayed marriage, while the Adolescent Fertility Program seeks to reduce the incidence of early marriage and pregnancy.

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Volcanoes in Eruption - Set 1. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The word volcano is used to refer to the opening from which molten rock and gas issue from Earth's interior onto the surface, and also to the cone, hill, or mountain Volcanoes in Eruption - Set 2. Volcano warning systems: Chapter Messages conveying volcano alert level such as Watches and Warnings are designed to provide people with risk information before, during, and after eruptions.

Information is communicated to people from volcano observatories and emergency management agencies and from informal sources and social and environmental cues. Any individual or agency can be both a message sender and a recipient and multiple messages received from multiple sources is the norm in a volcanic crisis.

Significant challenges to developing effective warning systems for volcanic hazards stem from the great diversity in unrest, eruption, and post-eruption processes and the rapidly advancing digital technologies that people use to seek real-time risk information. Challenges also involve the need to invest resources before unrest to help people develop shared mental models of important risk factors.

Two populations of people are the target of volcano notifications—ground- and aviation-based populations, and volcano warning systems must address both distinctly different populations. Full Text Available The paper presents main glaciological characteristics of present-day glaciers located on the Koryaksky volcano.

The results of fieldwork — and high-resolution satellite image analysis let us to specify and complete information on modern glacial complex of Koryaksky volcano. Now there are seven glaciers with total area 8. Three of them advance, two are in stationary state and one degrades. Moreover, the paper describes the new crater glacier. Radon emanometry in active volcanoes. Seidel, J. Radon emission measurements from active volcanoes has, since , been continuously measured at monitoring stations in Mexico and in Costa Rica.

Counting of etched alpha tracks on cellulose nitrate LR detectors give varying results at the several stations. Radon emanation at Chichon, where an explosive eruption occurred in , fell down. Radon detection at the active volcano in Colima shows a pattern of very low emission.

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Vertical Motions of Oceanic Volcanoes. Oceanic volcanoes offer abundant evidence of changes in their elevations through time. Their large-scale motions begin with a period of rapid subsidence lasting hundreds of thousands of years caused by isostatic compensation of the added mass of the volcano on the ocean lithosphere.