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He had clearly never forgotten Gloria. Barbara sets alongside the letters very useful contextual information about Britain in wartime and also the wider personal context of this idiosyncratic family. But these letters are not just plodding memoir material. She could be the heroine or anti-heroine of any great novel. Or a World War Two Carmen. Her story would make a great film. And as is the case of great heroines, her life was threaded through with secrets. Her family knew nothing of those times and these potent events.

In time they were given the box and started to read the letters, uncovering the whole secret story. This led Barbara to collate the letters in book form and put them in the context of the extraordinary times and this extraordinary family. Highly recommended. You can obtain the book Barbara directly if you email her at barbara pblaurie. I have this big idea and am reading like crazy, checking facts and looking at landscape in a different way.

The Golden Princess

It has been some time in coming. The other members of the group are very patient. Layers in time and figures in old landscapes are a long obsession for me which has inevitably emerged in some of the novels.

I looked at the ley line maps and moved on more conventional maps - both contemporary and historical. Maps can be very exciting sources for a writer. They are both precise and non-literary. You have to think imaginatively to elicit their meaning. My own invented maps are an important element in the way I have laid the ground work the ground-world? For instance I made a whole wall map for my novel A Woman Scorned. Now from these maps there emerged a new person and an very new idea for a novel that had not been there before I started looking at the maps. And I am looking at ancient songs.

A long journey ahead. Beginning again. Work In Progress. A Sketch. Do you think this sketch will find its place? The rain was sleeting down. A strut of the bridge creaked and broke and the chariot carrying my mother and her sister Branwen slid into the river, rained on by golden bangles and silver brooches.

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My brother Lleu told me years later that he heard the river sing like a choir of many voices. I have a ghost memory of the strange glow of the water and also the singing. No doubt there were also shouts and screams but I do not remember them. Labels: A Woman Scorned. Saturday, 13 October Long fiction, the short story and the poem. Plus Work in Progress. As friends here will know I am enjoying the new adventure of writing short stories.

Hope you enjoy it. I once said in a room full of dedicated short story and published writers that a short story was the waste of a good idea. Such blasphemy got the gasps it really does deserve. In the end I did protest that my tongue was firmly in my cheek. Nice to be back on song after a while under the radar. The book is great — brimming with ideas, beautifully shot and — most important for me — beautifully written. This is her hallmark.

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The launch at Stoke Newington Bookshop — a brilliant independent bookseller - was packed with every kind of booklover, gardener, cook, and maker. As a Northern Outsider I was interested to observe the styles of these book lovers, which ranged from neat and familiar, through Shaker restraint, to the elegant and the cookie. My favourite style-statements were the elegant grey suit with black tee-shirt man and golden brogues with shocking pink bows woman. In between the laden bookshelves the tables were filled with gift-food made from the book, complete with luggage label page-references.

I was sent out in the afternoon to buy those labels… Debora told the story of the book and burnished it with stories of our outrageous Uncle Jos, his witty wife and his amazing allotment. Through producing writing and editing 23 one hour programmes I have learned a great deal. It has been exciting and full of month-by-month pressure.

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It has been a great experience is the significance of the spoken word and the deadline disciplines of broadcasting. Any writer out there who wants to spread her or his creative wings whould give community broadcasting a try. This is what I said: ' They say every good thing should come to an end and I am sad to say that, due to pressure of work, I will be unable to continue with The Writing Game. I will also be embarking in a big new novel involving On The Writing Game we have celebrated writing and writers, reading and readers.

Also musician Andy Jackson and Su Kane. Of course the Writing Game is not just one person. On the The Writing Game team — all from Bishop Auckland — we have had novelist and short story writer Avril Joy, gardener, librarian, writer and expert on mining art Gillian Wales and historian Glynn Wales who reads more widely and more eclectically than anyone I know.

This has all been very fascinating and absorbing — a great learning curve for me. But in the end it has left little time and energy for my equally fascinating and absorbing 'day job' of writing novels and stories. So the opportunity is there for everyone to listen again to these good words about reading and writing on The Writing Game. So in signing off here I would like to thank Gillian C, James and Terry for allowing and encouraging me to share with them the airwaves of South Durham.

And Gillian W, Glynn and Avril or their ongoing inspiration and comradeship. I hope you will hear their voices again on the aor waves of Bishop FM. Thank you all so much. I hope I too can come back here now and then to share with you my opinions about writing and books which may be in the news. A few days away with like-minded friends can be very refreshing.

It Can Be a Long Day’s Journey Into the Nightlife of Vegas

I remember a very fruitful time at Annamackerig on the Irish border, where I saw a ghost Julia was working out what proved to be her last novel The Taxi Driver's Daughter. This involved much inspired writing-talk and inspiration, active photographing and even writing. Erica was researching her new historical novel which is partly set on Holy Island. She and we were disappointed at not hearing the seals singing. But we writers can always use our imagination.

In the wrong place, at the wrong time. The wrong place, at the wrong time. We look like trouble I guess, and people turn their heads, we are the dead end kids. Here come the worker bees, rattle your bones like tambourines. Don't fall asleep, 'cause you'll only wake up here I'm going to San Francisco , and I don't think I'm ever coming back. Blink is an American pop punk band from Poway formed in I guess.

You Can't Go Home Again. I forget - Thomas Wolfe was writing about San Diego, right? Shadow of California. Blue Oyster Cult is a hard rock band formed in New York in This song is from their album "Revolution By Night. From the past Night makes right The symbol remains Into the darkness Must pour the brains In the shadow of California Revolution by night grant me this future Kings of the shadow on the highways of night From San Bernadino these angels are racing This night to your city The host of angels Ride Captain Ride.

The Blues Image was a rock band from Florida who moved to L. This song was their biggest hit, from their second album "Open" released in As a storm was blowin' Out on the peaceful sea, Seventy-three men sailed off to history.